January 15 –


One wonders just how long Democrats/liberals can stop deluding themselves that tactics like “going around Congress” and using executive orders to achieve their goals isn't an endorsement of tyranny … a road to one-man rule, i.e., dictatorship. It apparently never occurs to them that such tactics, if allowed to prevail, might someday be used against them. Perhaps a reading of German history in the 1930's might clarify their thinking.

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A perfect example of journalistic naivete provided by Anne Gearan of the liberal Washington Post ...
    “A poisonous unraveling of U.S. relations with Russia in recent months represents more than the failure of President Obama’s first-term attempt to 'reset' badly frayed bilateral relations. It threatens pillars of Obama’s second-term foreign policy agenda as well.
    “From Syria and Iran to North Korea and Afghanistan, Russian President Vladimir Putin holds cards that he can use to help or hurt Obama administration objectives.
    “Obama badly needs Russian help to get U.S. troops and gear out of landlocked Afghanistan. He also wants Russian cooperation — or at least a quiet agreement not to interfere — on other international fronts. Putin, however, appears to see little reason to help.”
    What?! All that “reset” nonsense didn't bring positive results from that career KGB thug, Putin?! Why, we're stunned, shocked and amazed!

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Were deceit, obfuscation and cowardice ever more transparently packaged than in the oxymoronic “leading from behind?” What utter nonsense.

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Had to happen. Texas Republican Congressman Steve Stockman says he'll file articles of impeachment against Obama if he tries to use “executive orders” to subvert the Second Amendment right to own firearms.

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One complicating element in the endless debate about “assault” rifles is the fact that most of the people talking about them really have no idea what such a weapon really is. Some obviously identify any of threatening-looking guns they see in movies and TV shows as “assault rifles.”
    By the strictest definition, an assault rifle is a weapon capable of automatic fire: hold the trigger in the “fire” position and it will continue to spray bullets until all have been expended. Want such weapons tightly restricted by law? Fine. You have it. Since 1934.

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A touch of sardonic humor from Jay Nordlinger of National Review Online …
    “Have no fear about the Second Amendment. We all know how impervious Chief Justice Roberts is to political pressure, especially coming from this president and his allies.
    “That ought to be a real sweet meeting between Obama and Roberts, at the upcoming inauguration. Have you ever had the sense that Roberts very much wants Obama’s approval? 'Please don’t hate me. Me may be a wee bit conservative, but me not bad person.'”
Jay also offers this perceptive observation …
    “When people express surprise or shock at Obama’s moves — and the second term hasn’t even begun yet — I want to say to them, 'What part of ‘fundamental transformation’ didn’t you understand?'
    “The American people, the majority of them, have asked for exactly what they’re getting.”

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Buzzfeed reports that many people who worked hard – and cheap – on Obama's campaign staff aren't being invited to attend any of the inauguration festivities and are complaining bitterly about it.
    Let us hope that their disappointment will bring enlightenment. Perhaps this consoling message will help them: You're a bunch of treasonous, stupid rectal orifices.

    You're welcome. Glad I could clarify that for you.

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Dan Sorkin calls my attention to this piece, written as a tribute to the two Navy Seals who gave their lives to save fellow Americans in the terrorist attack on our Benghazi, Libya, consulate. It was written by Col. William Bauer, USMC.

The Battling Bastards of Benghazi...

We're the Battling Bastards of Benghazi,
no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
defending the country we loved so well.

It wasn't our job, but we answered the call,

fought to the consulate, 'n scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
led them to safety, 'n stood at the gate.

Just the two of us, 'n foe by the score,

but we stood fast to bar that door.
We called for reinforcement, but it was denied,
so we fought, 'n we fought, 'n we fought, 'n we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,

'n Obama didn't give a damn,
just two dead SEALS, who carried the load,
no thanks to us, we were bumps in the road.

Remember? That's what Obama called the murder of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. Just a “bump in the road.”

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Many Americans are familiar with this quote by Frederic Bastiat, a French economist of the early 19th century: "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

Reader Pete forwards some more examples of Bastiat's insights ...
    "People are beginning to realize that the apparatus of government is costly. But what they do not know is that the burden falls inevitably on them."
    "Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all."
    "If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?"
    Does that last not remind you of every grandiose leftist politician who fancies himself the savior of a lumpen proletariat public that would be incapable of functioning without his organizing abilities?

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Interesting that those Democrats who were around during the Reagan era and complained bitterly when Nancy Reagan raised private money to replace china for the White House dining tables used for state dinners … don't bat an eye over the Obamas spending millions of taxpayer dollars for their endless lavish vacations.

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Argus Hamilton –
    “Alabama won its third national title in four years. The other top college programs seethed. In the last two elections Barack Obama lost every county in Oklahoma in no small part because his name sounds way too much like 'Go Bama!'”

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My friend John contributes a checklist of imponderables …
Only in This Stupid World ...

    ......do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the Store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.
    ...do banks leave vault doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.
    ...do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

    Why you never see the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery?”
    Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?
    Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
    Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

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Jimmy Fallon --   

The White House announced that the theme for President Obama’s inauguration will be 'Faith in America’s Future.' Which is proof that no one in the White House has ever seen 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.'”
Lee Rodgers"...and now, if you'll excuse me..."